Educational systems: new scenario

More than 150 countries’ educational systems have been affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, which has affected 1.6 billion youngsters. As a result, remote learning was partially adopted by many countries. Early on in COVID-19, the focus of the educational response was on creating remote learning methods for rescue missions. These tried to reach every student […]

Career For The Public Policy Graduates or Postgraduates

The public policy course has the tendency to grow in a lot of fields. The students passed from the best colleges for public policy in India have abilities of problem-solving, analysis and research. On top of that, there are so many career options for such students that make it even easier for them to opt […]

Higher Studies In India

The Top 100 Universities in India proffers an ample range of courses such as UG or undergraduate programs, diplomas, masters’ degrees, and so on.

Why Increasing Popularity of E-learning Course?

There is indeed increasing popularity for developing eLearning course among institutions and organizations across the globe. Only its demand is witnessed to be increasing with each passing day. It will be necessary to know the triggers for outsourcing eLearning content development. They are as follows: Diminishing drastically time to market. Scaling, so as to manage […]