Why Increasing Popularity of E-learning Course?

Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh

There is indeed increasing popularity for developing eLearning course among institutions and organizations across the globe. Only its demand is witnessed to be increasing with each passing day. It will be necessary to know the triggers for outsourcing eLearning content development. They are as follows:

  • Diminishing drastically time to market.
  • Scaling, so as to manage higher volumes.
  • Cost reduction
  • The inclusion of innovative solutions within the portfolio.
  • Access to those talents which is currently not possessed.

Therefore, it is only by having proper and clear clarity to outsource eLearning course development that the institution or organization can benefit from its creation. Also, the strategy will work successfully to fulfill its desired purpose.

Top benefits of outsourcing eLearning content development

  • Inexpensive: With eLearning authoring tools being available for free, the professional outsourcing companies make sure that they charge their clients very reasonably. Moreover, the creation of the eLearning course as a whole is very much inexpensive, thus making it a major benefit to outsource. Also, outsourcing does help to get quick access to a wide range of talent pools who are qualified and experienced enough to map exactly to meet the specific requirements. At the same time, the client needs to be pay fraction of the expenses which otherwise is incurred when developing the same in-house.


  • Flexible enough to scale team down and up as required: Outsourcing the task to the industry professionals does allow the client to have greater flexibility. It allows rapid scaling up or down of the team, according to business dynamics and current development requirements, without having to worry about anything.


  • Having better and easier access to more varied talent and skill sets in any domain: Since there are noticed frequent changes in learner expectations, technologies and tools available, having combinations of such skills in the in-house permanent employee is not likely to be possible. Therefore, outsourcing the task tends to offset this particular challenge and provides sufficient flexibility to address a variety of solutions.


  • Getting access to top-rated practices allowing better optimization of development practices: The partner chosen is likely to service the needs of different organizations. Hence, it will be useful to have better development practices to optimize globally distributed development. These cues can be used to improve own development practices.


  • Development time reduction to help with quicker turnaround time: The outsourcing partner can be expected to have employed deducted team of professionals having expertise and knowledge in the specified domain and can use different types of eLearning content development tools. These professionals will address perfectly the business and student requirements and also focus upon short development cycles. It does help the business to get a significant edge to manage faster turnaround time for all projects, especially when there are not available internal teams.


Business gains: Besides the above benefits, there are some gains to be enjoyed like:

  • Improved focus on customers
  • Including more innovative solutions to the portfolio and leveraging upon partner skills to improve portfolio to service complex and varied needs.

Therefore, leveraging upon development strengths of the partner helps to achieve a better focus on customers and improve business.