17 Things Every Woman Must Learn Before Marriage

Melisa Marzett
Melisa Marzett

No matter how long you are married, there is always something to learn. Some things are better to know before you are going to build relationships.

In any case, it is better to learn from other people’s mistakes, to read and to take it up here and now, than from the negative experience of your own.


17 Things Every Woman Must Learn Before Marriage

1. The moment will come and you will realize that the world does not run around you. It is not that just you being selfish, but the marriage is a very new level of dedication. It is going to be hard but you need to remember about it.


2. A man does not need a nanny or a mother. He needs a wife. He needs a partner, the one, who will support him and whom he will supportн. Oftentimes, women like telling a man what to do, getting at him and giving a royal pain in the neck, however, this is wrong.


3. Long-term relationships are built by two people, who are ready to forgive. Even if you marry the best man in the world, he will have disadvantages just like you. To learn how to forgive easily is a necessary criterion to keep relationships.


4. Passion should never fade away. Yes, there will be times, when there are passion and romantics in relationships – it is the last thing you will think of. However, try to keep them alive, it will improve your marriage.


5. Do not build unrealistic expectations.


6. Respect your husband. Nothing will bring him as much pleasure as the feeling of your respect. He might not admit it, but it is really important for him.


7. Do not expect your husband to cater all your needs. There are different people in your life, each of them plays a role of one`s own. Your husband caters your romantic needs, however, do not expect everything from him. You also have a mother, a friend, a sister/a brother.


8. Be realistic when it comes to romantic. It is not a movie and not a book novel but a reality.


9. One should always work over relationships. Do not let chips fall where they may, whatever good everything seems to be.


10. Do not ever compare your husband with someone else. A comparison is a very bad idea; especially when it comes to people, you love. Love and value him just the way he is.  


11. Be grateful for your husband. Just remember how bad you felt on your own.


12. There is no such thing as a normal marriage. There are difficulties, ups and downs in every family, and it is normal. The main thing to keep in mind is that you have to go through it all together and this is what a marriage is all about.  


13. Marriage is an expensive cheese; it becomes only better with years.


14. Never give up. If it is not unfaithfulness, violence or something illegal, do not look for reasons to give up.


15. Your husband and your marriage should be your priority.


16. Be able to rejoice over something small. It is a mindless joke, which you understand together with your husband that kiss for the night the love is in details.


17. Bear in mind that your husband is your friend. Treat him properly, tell him about everything, laugh with him, and love him absolutely.


Bride holding a bouquet of flowers


For some reason, there is such a stereotype that those are men only who value their freedom and singlehood, while all the women dream of getting married from the very age when they are able to see the difference between boys and girls.

Despite the fact that oftentimes that is show business more modern women are quite all-sufficient and do not strive to bid farewell with girlhood as soon as possible.

In conclusion, for those who are superstitious, a few wedding beliefs are as follows:

1. On the eve of the wedding, the bride puts a mirror on the pillow for the night. An odd number of guests are invited to the wedding.


2. According to folk superstitious, water means every living things. Therefore, in order for the newlyweds to be happy, it is believed that on the wedding day, it is necessary to drive seven bridges and walkways, the young wife as a sign of future family well-being should throw small money into the water, bread, a simple little ring.


3. A mother-in-law should not be wearing a pantsuit – the life of the newlyweds will be separate.


4. After marriage registration, young people are showered with millet, rice and small coins to live in prosperity.


5. The one who bit off the larger piece of the loaf will be the main thing in the family.


6. Young people break a plate in front of the door to attract happiness and avoid controversy. The groom takes the bride in his arms and steps over the threshold and the castle, which was put on the threshold in advance.


7. The lock is closed, and the key is thrown out of the window – everything is free idle life behind, and ahead of family life.


8. There should be no laces on the shoes of the bride.


9. When the bride and groom leave the house, the mother-in-law closes the padlock with the key, and then throws the key and the lock in different directions so that no one can reveal the secret of family happiness.


10. Rain on the wedding day is a very good sign.


11. It is impossible to allow someone to pass on the wedding day between the bride and groom.


12. Coins put during the wedding in glasses to the bride and groom, you need to keep at home under the tablecloth – there will always be wealth then.


13. Wedding gown must be made in the form of a dress, and not a corset with a skirt, otherwise life will be separate.


14. The bride should not cross the threshold of a new home alone. The husband must carry her over the threshold in his arms.


15. If the wedding dress provides buttons, then their number should be even.


16. If the registry office stumbled over his fiancé, then he was not sure of his choice.


17. Young people should not be photographed separately at the wedding, otherwise, they will fall apart.


18. The most successful are marriages concluded in the afternoon.


19. The bride should not allow her friend to stand before her in front of the mirror, so as not to steal her lover. The same applies to the groom.


20. It is desirable that the style of the wedding dress was without a deep neckline and open shoulders. It is believed that too open chest of the bride is left without protection from the evil eye of the envious.


21. The bride’s friends should not wash the dishes; otherwise, they will be in a quarrel with the newlyweds.


22. In order for a bride to live a perfect married life, a happily married friend should help her to put earrings on.


23. A bride and her mother cannot iron wedding dress.


24. Bad luck is considered if the bride puts a wedding dress on through her legs. Therefore, it should still be worn over the head.


25. Do not give sets of knives and forks as a wedding gift, so there were no quarrels in the family.


26. On the day of the wedding ceremony, parents should ensure that none of the invited guests and strangers fix their clothes on the bride and groom. Les services compétents de La Poste ou de Mondial Relay sont ensuite chargés d’acheminer votre colis à votre domicile ou en relais colis afin de vous laisser le temps de récupérer sereinement vos achats.


27. If on the eve of the wedding the bride and groom eat one chocolate bar for two, then life will be sweet.


28. The first glass of champagne newlyweds break after drinking for happiness.


29. If you tie two bottles of champagne with a ribbon and do not drink from them, the newlyweds will surely celebrate their wedding anniversary and the birth of their first child.


30. It is impossible for anyone to try on jewellery from the head of the bride, thus, the bride gives her happiness.


31. When the groom takes the bride from the parents’ house, he should not look back.


32. After marriage or wedding, young people need to look at themselves in one mirror – this should bring good luck.


33. On the day of the wedding ceremony, parents should pay attention so none of the invited guests and strangers fix their clothes on the bride and groom.


34. To protect from the evil eye, the bride and groom need to attach a safety pin with the head down on the clothes where they will be invisible or hide in clothes until the end of the wedding.


35. If the bride suddenly lost her glove or broke a mirror before the wedding, it is bad luck.


36. To give a photo before the wedding is a sign of separation.


37. Do not sell the wedding dress and veil after the wedding, it must be kept for life so that the marriage does not break up.


38. The bride should not see the groom in the morning on the wedding day, otherwise, the marriage will not be long.


39. If the groom traps in a puddle in front of the bride’s house, live with a drunkard.


40. If the bride sneezes in the morning on the eve of the wedding, it means she will be happy in marriage.