5 Romantic Ideas to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Kath Ramirez
Kath Ramirez

A happy and fruitful marriage is something that you really have to work on to. It’s beyond the vows you’ve made in front of the altar.

And, it’s more than just loving your spouse “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death sets you part.”

In every marriage, an anniversary is more likely of a remarkable breakthrough. That’s why couples choose to celebrate it in the most romantic and special way they can.

If you’re still puzzling about anniversary ideas, now is the time to end your worries.

In this article, you’ll get to know some of the most dreamy ideas you can count on to on planning how to spend your wedding anniversary.

So, what are you waiting for? Read further to find out.

1. Recommence your wedding vows

Recommencing wedding vows may sound old or traditional for some.

But this is still one of the most romantic ways to rekindle the love and thrill in the marriage of two lovebirds.

Typically, renewal of wedding vows is done on the 20th, 25th, or 50th year of marriage. But, if you want to do it on the 10th year of your marriage, feel free to do so – love knows no boundaries!


2. Visit your first date’s location

For some [couples], this idea is very much underrated. But taking a walk down memory lane to the place you had your first date together is really romantic and nostalgic in its own special ways.

And if that beautiful and sentimental place is no longer there, or no longer accessible, don’t worry because you can opt for reliving the moment.


You can eat the same food you had that day, or talk about the things happened that day, and so on and so forth.


3. Spend the special day with the closest people in your lives

Another way you can spend your wedding anniversary is by inviting the closest people in your hearts to come and celebrate with you.

There’s no better feeling than celebrating the extraordinary moment with the people who have always been with you from Day 1.

You can make it possible by renting a place or a venue to hold the celebration. Or you can simply redecorate your place where you can house the anniversary party.


4. Take a vacation in Toowoon Bay Beach Resort

If you’re the type of couple who want to relax and just spend some time together, don’t hesitate to visit the Toowoon Bay Beach Resort in NSW, Australia.

It’s definitely the finest place for couples who want to rekindle the love and commemorate the special event of their marriage.

In Toowoon Bay Beach Resort, you’ll experience the kind of vacation like no other.  It’s very much peaceful, relaxing, and perfect for couples who want to feel and live like a queen and king on their special day.

To make your Toowoon Bay Beach Resort vacation a more memorable one, you can bring your lovable kids and pets with you.

Yes, kids and pets are allowed in the place which is very much different from most of the beach resorts.  


5. Recreate your old photos together

This idea can be named as the funniest and simplest way of celebrating your wedding anniversary.

If you’re able to collect and store your old photos together, pick the freakiest ones and recreate or reshoot it!

Well, this is really becoming a trend in social media, well, who wouldn’t like it, right?

It’s some kind of a different level of bonding and a great way to recall the awesome moments from the past.


Final thoughts

Now that several ideas are unfolded right in front of you, what’s your plan now, hmmm?

Surely, you’ll appreciate and enjoy the anniversary more if you’ll be able to apply at least one or more of the given ideas – or you can innovate or intensify them in any way you want!

So, let me congratulate for you’re no longer an innocent husband/wife when it comes to anniversary planning.

Also, if you have some ideas and/or tips to share, don’t hesitate to let us all know!