Telemedicine Application Services in United Kingdom


By telemedicine, we mean providing medical services in distant and remote areas. These services are provided using information technology with the help of mobile phones and computer systems.

When these services were introduced by healthcare providers the main motive was to reach a population that is deprived of the medical services, but in recent times the use of telemedicine services has been increased by the people who want medical attention for minor but urgent issues. With services like online- scheduling and video-consultation telemedicine applications has become a tool for conventional medical care. These services are successful because people do not have to spend time in waiting rooms or wait in the queues for the consultation.


Services Provided by Telemedicine Applications

  • Remote consultation: Telemedicine services are used to provide health-related services in remote areas. Now health providers extend their services to locations which were impossible to access earlier.
  • Video-conferencing: these applications provide for medical consultation via video calls. Patients connect through video calls and services and in any case, where a general physician wants to consult a specialist, they can join the video conference call.
  • Online scheduling: Telemedicine applications facilitate the online scheduling of appointments of patients with clinicians as per their preferred time.


SISGAIN is one of the best companies providing Telemedicine application services in the United Kingdom healthcare industry. Our company has expert developers who are experienced in developing Telemedicine software. We are a well-known name in the industry for rendering various healthcare software solutions like Telemedicine and Telehealth software, EHR/EMR integration services and many more.


Advantages of SISGAIN as Telemedicine app developer

  • SISGAIN develops apps for both Android and IOS platforms.
  • Developers at SISGAIN develop healthcare applications in compliance with the standards set by HIPAA.
  • We at SISGAIN provide secure application through end to end encryption of information.
  • Our applications provide for the secure exchange of health-related information and other data.
  • Telemedicine applications developed by SISGAIN enable generation of integrated bills after the remote visit by a doctor.
  • Our application facilitates screen sharing for the sharing of content between doctor and patients.
  • We develop customized applications as per the needs of customers.