Arabic Calligraphy On Canvas

Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh

Are you contemplating doing up your space with Islamic calligraphy art canvas? An important new trend in Arabic calligraphy for sale is the application of canvas and colors. In this kind of work, passages from the Holy Quran are painted or printed in a calligraphic style on canvas. It’s a kind of modern Islamic art as it uses digital printing/coloring technologies and canvas, a material not usually applied in traditional or classical Islamic wall art.

In traditional Islamic wall art, an ayator a surah of the Quran is stitched with golden thread on a black cloth made of silk or velvet. The golden-black combination is inspired by the colors of the cloth that covers the Ka’aba at the Grand Mosque in Makkah.

Traditional or classical Islamic wall art also consists of colorful wall carpets, which are generally crafted by hand in Iran, Turkey, and parts of South Asia. These carpets are densely filled with intricate floral patterns and motifs on the borders even as Islamic calligraphy is diligently stitched onto the middle portion.

Down the timeline, there have been changes in the Islamic wall art including the use of new mediums and techniques.

For example, two trends stand out. The first is wall decals. These are large, low-cost vinyl stickers that can be directly stuck to the surface of the wall, not needing the hassle of framing or driving a nail into the wall. Wall stickers are created without colors or backgrounds and other visual paraphernalia, thus turning the focus of the onlooker to the calligraphy and the message of the text.

The second important category was mentioned at the beginning of this write-up –Islamic calligraphy art canvas. Different from the message-only spotlight of wall stickers, Islamic canvas art uses colors to highlight the calligraphic art and the verses as well.

Colors are a crucial part of home décor. A splash of hues enliven our homes and brightens our moods too. The old saying ‘add color to your life’ suggests one should live their life with color, that is with energy and positive attitude.

Many people these days paint the walls of their homes in a color other than white. Sometimes, only one wall in a room is painted in a shade other than white, usually a very bright or a very dark hue so as to add to the contrast.

Islamic calligraphy art canvas uses colors to Arabic calligraphy, with canvas as the base. The artistic texture of the canvas increases the value of the artwork. If you are looking for Arabic calligraphy for sale, you would find canvas artworks in a wide range of hues –red, blue, green, yellow, pink and other colors of the palette.

Sometimes, one color is used, and sometimes multiple hues are applied onto the canvas. But colors only have an attention-attracting function, even as calligraphy remains the mainstay of Islamic canvas art. After all, when it comes to the art of Islamic calligraphy, the message is paramount, and that is what the buyer aims for.