Relationship is different in every way. Some people have been together for years and still manage to keep it together. Others just met, and everything is in chaos. Every person in a relationship wants to know what keeps others going for years. There is always something to learn from people who have survived trials of time and managed to keep the spark. We have compiled several things that people use in real life to keep their relationships healthy and maintain the spark.

Take Adventures Together

It is crucial to go out and have fun with adventures. So, plan for a road trip or something adventurous to keep your adrenaline up. We are sure your partner will live to cherish such moments. Push each other to try new things no matter how scary they might be.

Buy Gifts

Surprise your loved one with a gift once in a while. Look for things they like or things they are planning to buy and get them in advance. Try out new things. For instance, if your lover is into fragrances, you can get them a noir perfume to make them happy.

Spend Some Time Alone

Just because you have kids does not mean you cannot spend time together. Plan a night out where you do not care when you get back home. If you have kids, let them sleep at a friend’s or family member’s home, where you know they will be safe. Then, go out and have fun without worrying about getting home. Spending time with your parent is key to keeping the spark alive.

Make Big Moves

Making moves towards your growth is something that will cement your relationship and keep everything exciting. If you have goals, try achieving them one by one. Within no time, you will have created an unbreakable bond.

Understand There Will Be Bad Days

No relationship is perfect. You and your partner have flaws, but you can always find perfection in imperfection. Simply understanding that not all days will be happy will help you survive when bad days come. Remember, no matter how bad the day is, you should never stop loving each other.

The Small Things Matter

Those small gestures matter a lot and can say much about how you feel about the other person. So, do the small things and appreciate it when your partner does them for you. Go for date nights and have coffee together.


A lot will happen along the way, and some things may ruin your happiness. Your partner may betray you, but the truth is time heals everything. Use this as an opportunity for both of you to grow. Forgive your partner and move on with your life.

Keep Your Phones Away

It would be best if you spent time with your partner. However, if you spend the whole time on your phone, it does not feel special. If you want to keep your marriage happy, keep your phone away every time you are with your partner. Spend quality time and avoid using the cellphone unless you take pictures together.


These are not the only things that keep your marriage sparkling with happiness. However, incorporating them into your relationship will keep it healthy, and both of you can enjoy the years you spend together.