Weight Loss With Diet Pills

Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh

Weight loss is a hard ladder to climb. Plenty of us tried, failed, and never tried again. Others tried, succeeded, and is now maintaining their ideal weight. Still, others are on the road towards a good weight. Some are just beginning.

The methods we all use might not be applicable to others due to some walls that won’t let us. While most have time to do some fat burning exercise, some turn to low fat and carb diet, others turn to diet pills.

Of all the methods of losing weight, none is most dangerous and most unscientific as the little diet or weight loss pill. Most diet pills today either have no or little scientific evidence, others are prescription for some other illness, others are illegally dangerous for consumption.


Science proven weight loss drugs

These are properly called in the health books as anti-obesity medication. They are limited to people who need them to counter a disorder or a disease. Most of these drugs are for another life-threatening illness or disorder and are proven to decrease the weight of those who take them as a side-effect.

Take Orlistat/Xenical/Alli for example. This drug inhibits pancreatic lipase, therefore lessens fat absorption. A proper low-fat diet is needed for this drug as this one can be dangerous and had been reported to severely damage the liver in rare cases.

Another example is Metformin. It is a drug for those with Diabetes mellitus type 2. Metformin or Glucophage tells the liver to only produce limited amounts of glucose and tells the muscle to increase glucose consumption by food. With all those sugars digested, weight is reduced.

The last sample is Belviq or Lorcaserin. It is a prescription-only drug for those who are truly obese who cannot regulate their hunger for huge portions of food. This drug helps you feel full after you have eaten less food than before.

Almost all, if not all, of these scientifically proven drugs, are only available with prescription with proper diet. They are there for a medical purpose and weight loss is a side-effect.


Herbal diet supplements

Some drink tea, coffee, or other beverages. Others eat herbal remedies. Other take them in capsule/tablet/pill. All of these herbal weight loss products have no scientific backing them up and they very well are as good as “placebo effect” medication.

Look carefully at the labels and look beyond the beautiful ads with slender models, sometimes the “no scientific proof” message is flashed very fast or is ignored. Most of the ones with some scientific backing are industry pushed research just to make you buy their product. These things will just make you throw away money for nothing and in the long term, you are still fat.

Before you buy any of these herbal pills and supplements, always consult with a health care professional or talk to your doctor about them. It might be not a good chemical reaction when you are taking your medicine and suddenly intake something that will dangerously react to another. That might be overboard but safety is the priority.

Then there are the plant extract fat loss supplements. They are quite safe since they are just plant extracts, just consider if the actual plant is not poisonous. These ones are somehow safe for consumption and it does not have those nasty side-effects. The downside to these is the price. Most are fairly cheap while others are expensive. Go for the affordable ones that have no compromises and no added something else that is a nasty downside.


Healthy weight loss tips

So you have been taking some sort of drug or herbal this-and-that but nothing is happening to you. Well, honestly, for all this medication to work you still need to put effort into losing weight. There is a reason why they call diet pills/drugs as supplements. They may help the body lose fat better by efficiently making your body into a natural fat burner. This is what we should think of when we get those weight loss supplements.

Humans evolved in a very physically demanding environment until the past few hundred d years when humans began to be slothful and gluttonous. Useless junk food and unhealthy menus have sprung up in all directions making our healthy food intake drop in the last 100 years of human history. All of the new worldly stress from our daily work and time sitting in front of all sorts of technological inventions has made humans accumulate fat.

150 minutes of walking per week or light jogging will help you burn fat faster. Add proper food consumption and you are well on your way to a better weight and healthier body. Losing all that fat with exercise and maintaining all that health should be our priority.

With all that said, going back to basics with exercise + proper food intake + good supplements will guarantee more weight loss than you can ever get. That trio of weight loss will also give you so much more health benefits in the long term.