Visiting Bars and Pubs is Now Affordable For All


People in Delhi love to party and visit different pubs but the budget is one of the biggest constraints. So, there are some of the cheap bars in cp which will help to boost your mood and also will be within your pocket. The ambiances of such a place are also good where devious food along with your favorite drink can be enjoyed by all.

My bar headquarters is one of the best cheap bars in cp which must be preferred to enjoy drinks with friends. The bar is full of wines. Malts and other liquor to enjoy the night with friends. It also serves multi-cuisine food which is not only tasty bit also pocket-friendly just like drinks.

The ambiance is also quite pleasing and is one of the best places for colleges who wish to party with friends. It is also considered to have post office discussion as everything is affordable and yet the quality is maintained. One would find beer just at 49 which shows that people of all class can afford drinks.

If looking for the best cheap bars in cp, consider Bombay Bar. The design of the bar is inspired by Bollywood and has a retro theme. The interiors are just like Bollywood film studio where one can find light bulbs, cushioned sofas, chandeliers and even large mirrors which gives it a unique look.

This bar also has an option to rooftop seating where people can enjoy their favorite drinks along with sumptuous food. The walls which can lead to rooftop is decorated with a poster of Bollywood films just to add stars to this theme. One who loves Bombay cuisse can get some option here to enjoy it with your favorite beverages.


Which are the best rum brands in India?

Rum is one of the best beverage which is titled as a celebrity. It is used in preparing food and even cocktails and dessert. Rum can be accompanied by anything and is an important part of any occasion. There are many top brands available in India which can give a new experience and also option to taste some of the best among it. Here are some of the best rum brands in India which are to be tried at least for once.


Captain Morgan

It is one of the bets rum which is been used in the making of cocktails. There are many variants in this and so both white and dark rum are used in preparing cocktails like Pina colada.


Havana Club

It is one of the best light rum which is quite mild and is best to use with mojitos and cocktails.


Old Monk

It is one of the most popular rum which is quite strong and even people prefer it on cold nights. If looking out from some full-bodied cocktails it would be the best part in. It can also be enjoyed with cola when taken in equal proportion.


Old Port

In preparation of this rum, charcoal was used for filtration which has a hint of vanilla and butterscotch. It has aroma and taste of woody notes which makes it unique.