Top 10 wedding blogs


And now, if you’ve arrived at this article, it’s your turn. Or perhaps you’re helping a friend or relative plan the wedding of their dreams. Perhaps you’re a bridesmaid looking for clothing inspiration. Whatever the reason, we appreciate you coming to see this incredible rite of passage! It’s a beautiful experience to be a part of whether you take part in it or are simply a spectator. We are all aware of how magical weddings are.

Uncertainty or Nerves Before the Big Day

Five Feelings Every Bride and Groom Experience on Their Wedding Day

Stress of Preparation

Many people have discovered that they often second-guess every decision they make. It includes what to eat, how to decorate, and even whether or not they are prepared to be married. Relax for a moment and realize that this is simply a manifestation of your stress and worry leading up to the wedding. Instead of being a reaction to your relationship, the decorations, or the festivities, doubt is frequently a normal process.


It should go without saying that weddings are known for being quite stressful and for triggering apprehension or anxiety. After all, there is a lot of pressure to have everything perfect. Any relationship can suffer from stress, whether it results from personal or familial problems.


Even at a celebration of love, anger is a legitimate emotion. These feelings are often a surprise to couples. Too often, relationships—whether they be with family or friends—break down due to the stress of a wedding. In the days leading up to a wedding or even right before the bride and groom walk down the aisle. Disagreements, disputes, hurt sentiments, animosity, and broken vows commonly occur.


Along with making you feel powerful emotions, your wedding day could seem surreal. It can make you feel as though your reality has transformed. All of a sudden, they are in an elegant wedding gown or tuxedo and surrounded by friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances. They will be the center of attention, constantly pushed in all directions to talk to each of our guests, take pictures, and handle the wedding’s particulars. At your reception, you most likely won’t have enough time to eat or even rest. The love and encouragement they receive from friends and family throughout the day will leave them speechless.


Your last sensation will be love. Love comes in a variety of forms, from romantic love to paternal adoration. Making the vows makes you think about our relationships, both present, and past. Brides and grooms should be prepared for powerful displays of devotion throughout the day. Whether it be when the groom seated his parents, or a father leads his daughter down the aisle. And when the groom first meets his bride, or during emotional toasts.

Wedding Blogs

Since 2010, there have been more wedding blogs published, giving readers a vast selection of top-notch blogs to choose from. If you are currently planning a wedding, the best place to go for inspiration is a wedding blog. The next step is to choose a top-notch selection of wedding blogs to follow. Wedding websites usually offer real weddings, styled photos, and—best of all—a list of vendors to help you make better planning decisions. If you’re considering getting married this year; we highly suggest reading a few wedding planning blogs to gather ideas and inspiration. The big day is approaching, and you might need some ideas, suggestions, and tips for it. Nowadays, all it takes is a single Google search to uncover the solutions. To pick the best of the best, though, you might need some help given the quantity of information available from web sources. 

You might be wondering where to go for the best information sources, which sites are the best for educating you, and so forth. 

This is the reason we created this blog, which we strongly encourage you to read and follow.

List of Wedding Blogs to follow

Lakeviewgarden. in

If the Lakeview Gardens wedding blog is any indication, it is pure dreaminess. The very fact that they exist should be encouraging. Even inspiration boards and picture contests contain fanciful and magical components. Any parameter, such as color, fashion, style, décor, and season, can be used to explore through its wedding inspiration board. For couples who have a general idea of how they want their wedding to look, this is excellent. But are seeking a few extra ideas and requirements. Under the Wedding Blog category, actual weddings offer suggestions and inspiration. Their other tabs also employ graphics to cover subjects like planning and venues. You become more grounded in your search for the ideal ideas since you can see everything in front of you. 

No matter if you want a traditional wedding, an alternative wedding, a DIY wedding on a budget, or a glitzy wedding. One of these wedding blogs will meet your needs, regardless of which one you relate with. Therefore, don’t worry if you’re unclear about where to sit for each individual, how to go down the aisle, or how to hem your attire. This blog contains the solution, so read it!

Click on the Party & Wedding Ideas tab to jump right to the meat of the matter, which covers the following subjects:

  • Bride & Groom
  • Travel
  • Invitations
  • Ceremony
  • Decoration

Are you seeking black wedding inspiration or other colors? Season? Style?

Are you attempting to plan the details of your wedding photo session?

To make sure you don’t miss anything, do you want to just peruse hundreds of planning guides and recommendations?

Whatever your objective, most likely has your back. They provide flare and innovation for every occasion. Whether it is under the sun, a simple summer wedding done under the stars, or a spectacular winter wedding conducted on a restored farm.

Style me Pretty

Style Me Pretty, in my opinion, is one of the best wedding websites out there. It is your go-to source for everything related to weddings. Aspiring brides and grooms have had all the inspiration they need to plan the wedding of their dreams thanks to Style Me Pretty since 2007. Style Me Pretty is here to be every bride’s fictitious maid of honor and wedding planning BFF. It provides everything from the best vendors in the world. Also provides the most beautiful real weddings wedding planning advice and insider tips. And the most recent trends straight off the runway. The wedding designs displayed here range from rustic weddings to wedding locations. 

You can get anything you want from them. Its area for wedding vendors demonstrates what a great wedding blog it is. Cake designers, wedding planners, and photographers are also on the list. If you’re looking for a retailer for your wedding attire, you can be sure that they will provide you with some great recommendations. We kindly request that you include this blog in your list of suggested wedding blogs while planning your wedding.

Martha Stewart’s marriage

Since this is the mother of all wedding blogs, it goes without saying that we had to include it in our list of the best wedding blogs. Martha Stewart Weddings is the greatest choice for the bride who wants an unconventional wedding. A sophisticated and elegant bridal magazine from Martha Stewart Living Omni media. Its Weddings offers assistance to engaged couples throughout the whole wedding planning process. It focuses on helping them fully customize their special day. Martha Stewart’s is one of the many wedding websites that couples typically look to for inspiration while planning their perfect wedding!

The Every Last Bride

Wedding planner Lauren Grove, a previous bride, established Every Last Detail on December 7, 2009. Every Last Detail has had phenomenal exponential growth since its introduction. It has amassed widespread national popularity. And it was a given that we would include them in our ranking of the best wedding blogs. The Every last bride combines information from Lauren’s personal experience as a bridal and wedding specialist. With Every Last Detail, she switched her focus to educating and encouraging brides as they prepare for their nuptials. Today, brides turn to wedding blogs like Every Last Detail for practical counsel. Every Last Detail’s carefully chosen real weddings, motivational pictures, suggested vendors, and wedding planning tips are all intended to inform and inspire brides.

Bridal Musings

Bridal Musings, a wedding blog, offers a mix between stylish inspiration and useful, honest guidance. In my perspective, there is no such thing as “the perfect wedding.” However, it makes an effort to help couples develop a notion of their particular vision of the perfect day. Founded in 2011 by Elizabeth Muhmood Kane, Claire Eliza has been the editor since 2017. Bridal Musings was founded out of a passion for celebrating weddings and all the love, joy, flair, and creativity that go along with them. It strives to make that clear in all it does. Bridal Musings wants to encourage engaged couples of all faiths, nations, genders, sizes, and aesthetic tastes. While also celebrating the diversity of weddings. On the business’s blog and social media channels, real weddings, styled photographs, bridal collections, music playlists, travel tips, essays on health and wellbeing, organizing guidance, and much more are shared.

Pretty Pear Bride

Pretty Pear Bride caters to plus-size weddings. Shafonne Myers founded Pretty Pear Bride. Because she had trouble locating brides that looked like her when she got married 17 years ago. She eventually started working as a wedding planner. Found that many of her plus-size clients had similar issues to hers. When you’re trying to plan something, especially a wedding, it’s inspirational, Myers continued. Brides receive ideas for their wedding gowns when they see women that resemble them wearing attire. To advocate for and encourage plus-size brides, Myers decided to launch Pretty Pear Bride in 2011. On the website, you may find real wedding stories, plus-size bride-friendly content, and fundamental wedding preparation advice. The articles provide information to plus-size brides that they might not even be aware they need. It offers suggestions on how plus-size brides should dress for their wedding photos or whether bridal companies are size-inclusive.

Myers thinks that Pretty Pear Bride will empower brides as they look through wedding gowns:

Myers thinks that Pretty Pear Bride provides much-needed representation for plus-size brides. However, she thinks that having brides of various sizes feel confident in themselves is only the beginning. According to her, the problem is caused by people who don’t think they are worthy of love because of their size. Myers acknowledged working with brides who didn’t want to even look at their wedding pictures or felt terrible in their wedding outfits; they don’t like the way they look in them.

Green Wedding Shoes

The couple behind the wedding blog Green Wedding Shoes has a long history in the creative industries. Jen and Jason worked together to create the three-year-old blog. It was motivated by their common love of gorgeous design and photography. Green Wedding Shoes is a haven for those looking for ideas and suggestions on how to make their weddings special. Readers can browse the wonderful highlighted marriages in the Real Weddings category. The blog offers a wide variety of visual treats with intriguing wedding photo settings, including rustic, green, antique, and whimsical. In addition, there is a section with DIY suggestions where one may get ideas for unique hand-made decor for that particular occasion. Prospective brides and grooms can also use lists of suggested honeymoon locations and wedding vendors to assist them to decide on the whom, what, when, and where of their wedding.

My Faves Section

The “My Faves” section of the site solely highlights Jen’s personal favorites among the featured weddings. Couples are also encouraged to share information and images from their nuptials. It is by the blog’s rules and by selecting the “Submit a Wedding” button. When it comes to wedding planning, Jen and Jason can’t agree on a single method. It’s acceptable for a couple to deviate from tradition while organizing their perfect wedding. The website still places a lot of focus on outdoor weddings and DIY elegance even if it is now based in LA.

Nouba: Australian wedding blog 

Nouba was painstakingly created with creative couples in mind and places a strong emphasis on design. The idea for it came about when Tamarin, Nouba’s mother and editor, recently got engaged and was looking for non-glossy-mag inspiration. In these sections, you’ll find a tonne of inspiration. It includes everyday blog posts about real weddings, do-it-yourself advice, and the most recent in original bridal fashion. And pretty much anything to satisfy your knot-tying needs.

And even though there are many pretty pictures here, it is conscious that planning a wedding entails much more than just pretty pictures. By helping you find vendors you’ll truly enjoy, Nouba can help you plan the perfect wedding day. Its Directory contains some of Australia’s most creative and interesting wedding vendors. While its Schedule will keep you updated on encouraging events and fairs happening around. Not only does this gorgeous region have so much more to offer. But it also favors maintaining a close-knit community. But for Australian couples getting married, it must be a valuable and essential tool.

Junebug Weddings

The Junebug Weddings wedding blog is all about pure dreaminess. The very fact that they exist should be encouraging. Even inspiration boards and picture contests contain fanciful and magical components. You can browse their wedding inspiration board using any criteria, such as color, style, time of year, and fashion. This is perfect for couples that have a general idea of what they want their wedding to look like but are seeking a few extra ideas and needs. While their other tabs offer visual coverage of venues, planning, and other themes. The wedding Blog tab offers advice and inspiration from actual weddings. You become more grounded in your search for the ideal ideas since you can see everything in front of you. When your wedding is complete, post some photos to the website for a chance to inspire someone!

Once Wed

Do you desire a wedding “designed style for less”?

Then let Once Wed be your guide!

This website maintains things minimalistic yet motivating. Every bit of advice they give is given with a modern twist, which is both original and sincere.

Do you require suggestions for your wedding, such as how to organize your photo session?

Do you want to see what other couples in the real world have done? Maybe you want to elope rather than have a big production. What foodstuffs should you provide your guests? Once Wednesday arrives, every one of these topics is discussed in depth. Whether you want to DIY or hire someone, whether you want a traditional or informal wedding. Or even just a wedding dress value estimate, visit this website for all your needs and goals. They own every piece of it.

Wedding holds a special place

Wedding party Images | Free Vectors, Stock Photos & PSD

You might periodically wonder why a wedding is so important, especially in this day and age. Nowadays people’s cohabitating relationships are so popular. The union of two individuals in love is a commitment that will have an impact on the family, the neighborhood, and the economy. You are demonstrating your love for your mate by doing this. It makes a promise for life in front of close friends and family. A common belief is that communities flourish when couples marry and stay together. We also discuss the significance of weddings. Read on.

Reasons why the wedding is an important day

Your mood improves

It’s possible to overstate the benefits or pleasures of being single. Experts assert that marriage improves one’s health and financial well-being. A study that analyzed data from 17 developed countries found that marriage significantly raises happiness levels compared to cohabitation. And both men and women benefit from this increase.

Introduces a new chapter

Marriage represents a lifetime commitment, allowing you to sacrifice yourself for your spouse and your family. It marks the beginning of a special partnership in which you engage your spouse on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level.

Brings harmony

In a marriage, you and your partner cooperate to overcome challenges, commemorate achievements and significant dates, and pass the time. You share your life, thoughts, and most crucially, your emotions, with your partner.

To keep you calm

Getting married has a positive impact on your mental health. Less social support is often provided to single people, and this has been associated with higher rates of depression, loneliness, and social isolation.

Provides emotional security

People seek security and mental stability in their relationships. It is simpler for you to do so when you share your objectives, difficulties, feelings, and thoughts with a partner.

These Wedding Blogs Have Our Hearts

No matter if you want a traditional wedding, an alternative wedding, a DIY wedding on a budget, or a glitzy wedding. Any of these wedding blogs will meet your needs, regardless of which one you relate with. Therefore, don’t worry if you’re unclear about how to hem your dress, how to walk down the aisle, or where everyone should sit. These wedding blogs contain the solution.

Additionally, wedding coordinators are available to assist if everything else fails. Some of the hassles and worries that come with doing things yourself can be lessened by them.

Bottom Line

So, the wedding day is a very special occasion in an individual life. It gives you pleasure for your whole life. Thus, it is very important to make it more special by celebrating it beautifully. Thus, in this article, we have compiled some of the best wedding blogs that can provide you with proper guidance. You can go through these blogs to make your day more special and memorable.