Introduction and Overview of Medical Billing Services

Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh

The truth is that the healthcare industry is burdened with crucial paperwork, something that cannot be neglected, avoid or shifted to a later date. There is a need to take care of paperwork and related documents on time to ensure correct and proper billing and get collection from the clients and their insurance companies.

Otherwise, there will be experienced delays in payment receipts, which will only create problems for the medical providers. When filling out forms, medical providers are required to put in more time, effort and energy and not able to devote quality time treating their patients. The huge pile of paperwork mostly is related to coding, submission, and processing of medical claims.

Since the paperwork volume and documentation is not an easy task, is quite a lengthy procedure and time consuming, managing the medical practice becomes all the more challenging. Deteriorating quality of medical service provided to the patients will only mean bad image for the physician and the hospital leading to losses. It is for this reason the medical practices are noticed to outsource this work to the professional local medical billing companies.

Purposes and services

Medical invoicing is considered to be the procedure to facilitate payment from insurance carriers and patients. Billing refers to the medical claims submission process to patients and insurance carriers to ensure that the healthcare providers to receive payment for their rendered medical services.

Besides submission of claims for payment purpose, medical billing also includes follow-up of non-adjudicated or denied medical claims, so as to rectify complete lack of payment or payment related errors.


Issues faced and solved

A common problem faced by healthcare facilities is stated to be payment collection. Historically, this issue is being faced by healthcare providers that arise from a complex system of participants, rules, and regulations. Moreover, payment collection related issues might range from untimely submissions or inaccurate coding by the physician’s office to insurance carrier practices, procedures, and policies as well as patient population demographics. Overall result faced is an inefficient and complex system which frequently causes underpayments to about 50%, denials, and rejections.

Majority of the medical practices are considered to be ill-equipped and do not have the right knowledge or resources to take care of the complex task of billing. Hence, they prefer to outsource this work to the top medical billing services, which will complete this task on behalf of their clients and provide them with a respite from all worries.


Service providers

With the number of medical practices increasing in the country with time, it has become challenging to retain patients in the long run, keep up with the medical practice and complete accurate submissions on time. The best medical billing companies have been doing their bit to provide their clients with top quality service at affordable rates and ensuring that all claims do get processed quickly.

Thus they enable their clients to get prompt and proper payments and witness reduced or no denials or rejections from the insurance carriers on claims submission.