Is a Ketogenic Diet Linked to Hair Loss?

Is a Ketogenic Diet Linked to Hair Loss?

Recently, there are many types of diets that have wildly sprouted in the health and fitness scene. One of these is the ketogenic diet, a low-carb and high-fat diet.

Grains, legumes, starchy vegetables, sugar, and unhealthy oils cannot be found in the recipes for this diet.

Plus, avoiding processed food as well as any food that may contain preservatives and food colourings are also prohibited in this diet. When formulated appropriately, this will result in weight loss, blood sugar balance, and reduced inflammation.


What are the effects of Keto Flu?

Before you try keto diet or continue with it if you have already begun, did you know that this diet has some underlying disadvantages that you need to be highly aware of?

Even with the reputable functions recommended by experts like improved metabolic health and appetite control, this is said to cause withdrawals from “keto flu” where headache, fatigue, dizziness, cramps and sore muscles, nausea, irritability, mood swings and intense cravings, bad breath, brain fog, stomach pain and constipation, and insomnia occur as your body shifts to fat-burning setting from the former normal sugar-burning state according to HVMN blog. For more in-depth info about hair loss, check out


Having hair loss, is your crowning glory on a diet too?

Apart from the abovementioned effects, beware because surprisingly you might be losing your hair because of religiously following this diet.

Wellness website MindBodyGreen has proven this as it causes horrible side effects to the body such as extreme malnourishment or stress since there are many foods that cannot be eaten when you are on a keto diet.

According to the Popular Science website, this is a diet of restriction to protein which is essential for having healthy hair and nails.

Protein deficiency causes you to lose inestimable hair strands, as your body has no abundant supply of carbohydrates so it will be breaking down the amino acids from proteins to make glucose which is a primary source of fuel. Cells need to function normally so you still need protein but remember that too much is not good for you.

KetoDietApp website mentioned for those who are into a keto diet to be patient with their hair loss as this is only temporary and there is nothing to worry about it.

“Hair loss occurs 2-4 months after the stress and is temporary since new hair begins to regrow 2-3 months later,“ said the renowned ketogenic diet researcher Stephen Phinney, MD, PhD.

Dr. Eric Westman, MD suggested using a magnifying glass in looking for growth of new hair which is hidden by longer hairs.

This should be done since the shorts hair strands coming cannot be easily seen when you are a few feet away from the mirror. See? Just wait and your hair will grow back in time as it should be.


What’s the bottom line on the ketogenic diet?

Here’s the thing: even though a ketogenic diet has been regarded as an effective weight-loss method, following the necessary time and cost does not precisely make it sustainable for everyone.

Still, this diet changes your approach to eating that promotes long-term effects on your body. Stay calm if you are experiencing hair loss due to this diet, especially if you are new to it. This phenomenon just shows that the diet is working well with your body.

Everyone has a different health profile that is why you need to evaluate your approach on a ketogenic diet.

For balancing nutritional facts and fads, the good thing is that you can always talk to your registered dietician if you have any concerns before implementing this new eating habit to know if this one is for you or not.

Myra Ramilo

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