22 Most Beautiful Bridal Dresses From All Over The World

22 Most Beautiful Bridal Dresses From All Over The World

A bride finding her perfect wedding dress is the most delightful experience.

With thousands and thousands of choices, she has to pick only one. That one dress has to compliment her perfectly.

Whether it is the dress’s style, design, colour, pattern, and the angle at which the picture is taken, it has to be absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous to get the attention the bride deserves. 

Here is my list of 22 of the world’s most beautiful bridal dresses:

#22. Vietnam

Starting from Vietnam, the bridal grandeur includes a red dress with golden embroidery, a matching cap, and an optional red veil. Their gowns have layers of clothes that complement their looks. 


#21. Thailand

Brides usually wear light shades of colour for their wedding. Their dresses are simple in terms of profligate. The traditional dress resembles the Indian traditional dress called “Saree” yet it is quite different. 


#20. Afghanistan

One of the most appealing bridal dresses is that of the Afghan brides. Usually, their dresses are colourful.

A bridal grandeur can have almost all of the colours of the rainbow in it and many more. These dresses are made from silk and contain excellent work of handmade embroidery.


#19. Salamanca, Spain

It has become a norm to wear white on your wedding and this tradition is directly linked with Christian countries. However, in the northwest province of Spain brides tend to wear a black dress for their weddings.

These dresses have a layer of black net with a delicate golden or sometimes silver pattern design. With the right kind of traditional jewellery, they turn heads.


#18. Austria

While the dress is usually white but sometimes it contains patterns of red and orange velvet. Angolans believe in elegance so the bridal wear is a simple one.

The bride looks ravishing in her dress and not too extravagant looks.


#17. Morocco

Their attires remind me of Spanish bridal wears. They are a bit similar in terms of layers although the colour might differ. Moroccan brides like to wear the shades of yellow.

They also wear veils on their heads. That is because of the culture because the majority of the population is Muslim.


#16. Mongolia

Mongolian women are very pretty. Maybe that is why they appear as porcelain dolls on their wedding days.

Traditionally they wear red dresses with golden patterns on the bottom. The brides also wear hats embellished with features and beads.


Azerbaijan wedding has the most beautiful bridal dresses

#15. Azerbaijan

Red and white have to be the most common colours that brides all over the world wear. Azerbaijan brides wear both.

Their dress is either fully red or white. They cover their heads with a net veil matching with their dresses.


#14. Bosnia

A traditional beautiful combination of white and golden makes the bride aesthetically exquisite.

Fine embroidery with golden wires on the top layer of the net makes it fancier. A simple yet graceful bridal dress makes the bride look exquisite.


#13. Cambodia

Cambodian brides do not care about particular colours. Their bridal dresses have all sorts of variety.

From white to all, all the colours go in a Cambodian bride’s dress. Almost all of them contain flowery patterns and are sometimes decorated with white pearls.

Their designs are different too. While in the west brides prefer wearing gowns, Cambodians wear what is called “Sarong”.


#12. Ecuador

Brides from this particular country wear net frocks laced with colourful flowers. Usually, the base of the dress is white but it is not limited to that.

Like Cambodian brides, their dresses are almost always filled with flowery patterns.


#11. Russia

Russian brides like to wear white like most women in the world. White has become the norm.

Russian brides traditionally wear clothes with a veil and a thick layer of motif designs over them. Caps are also a part of their bridal grandeur which they wear above their veils.


Malaysian wedding

#10. Malaysia

Although the tradition says red dress but modern Malaysian women are trying all sorts of colours in their bridal dresses.

They are made of silk with golden-coloured patterns, but it is no longer limited to that. They also wear extravagant caps or even crowns with their attires. These caps are extraordinary. 


#9. Iran 

Red dresses are worn by Iranian brides all around the world. Red is the colour of love and passion so it makes sense that most countries on this list prefer red.

These brides cover their heads with veils and caps. Their dresses brim with traditional conventional motifs. 


#8. Bhutan

The shades of orange, red and yellow are worn by these brides. Their dresses are gowns and they wear an extra set of clothes over their wedding dresses.

These clothes are usually simple silk clothes contrasting well with the dress.


#7. Algeria

One of my personal favourite on the list is the Algerian bridal dress. It is quite a heavy wear and by that I mean it weighs a lot.

It usually has layers and contains heavy metalwork on its outermost layer. Part of the bridal splendour includes a veil. This veil is also decorated with metal and covered with jewellery.


Indian Bride

#6. India

Indians love red. Their dresses are almost always a shade of red and gold. They cover their heads with “Dupattas”. They wear two separate pieces of clothes, one the shirt and the other is called “Saree”.


Pakistani Bride

#5. Pakistan

Pakistani brides do love red just as much as an Indian bride. Culturally these two countries were once at some point in history so their attires are similar too.

Pakistani brides wear skirts they call “Lehnga”. These skirts are coated with beads and pearls. Out of all the dresses, Pakistani women wear the most extravagantly. 


#4. China

Beautiful and elegant red dresses with golden patterns are their tradition bridal wears. There is something in their dresses that makes them look wonderful.

The design of their gowns resembles that of an American or European, but in red and golden. 


#3. Kazakhstan

In all the traditional white gowns that brides wear from all around the world, this one takes the cake. Consisting of layers of clothes and laces, it makes the bride look out of the world beautiful.

They also match an extravagant cap with their dresses. This cap is decorated with feathers, pearls, and laces. It is an alternative for the veil. 


#2. Nepal

Their dresses are closer to Indian traditional bridal dresses. They wear red “Saree” for their big day. Their dresses contain designs of golden and yellow motifs.

They cover their heads with the corner of their saree dress.    


#1. Turkey

Number one on the list is Turkish bridal wears. They are lavish and graceful at the same time.

Turkish women too wear veils because of Muslim culture, but wearing hats is a common practice among the minorities there as well. They wear dark colours like maroon, red, purple etc.

Amnah Amber

My name is Amnah Amber and I am currently enrolled in the M. Phil English Literature program at Forman Christian College, Lahore, Pakistan. Currently, I am freelancing and I hope that my dream of becoming a blogger fulfils.

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