Advantages of Radial Tyre Over Cross-Ply Tires


The owners of two-wheeler vehicles need to change the tires of their vehicle after every 2 to 3 years. At the time of tyre replacement, the owners face a choice to decide the kind of tyre they want to furnish on their vehicle. They get to choose between radial tyres and cross-ply tyres.

These are the two different kinds of tyres that are used in vehicles. Both of them have some advantages and disadvantages over one another. As a result, they have a high individual demand among buyers.


What are radial tyres?

Radial tyres have a structure comprising of several rubberized textile piles laid from bead to bead in a radial pattern


Radial tyres can be a good choice because of the following advantages:

Advantages using radial tyres

  • Radial tyres offer good steering control because of the flexibility they offer.
  • They also offer better contact with the road surface as they have better grips on the outer surface.
  • Provides better driving comfort due to flexible sidewalls
  • Generates less heat when driving at higher speed
  • Offer higher resistance against tread-related damages
  • Provides higher fuel efficiency for the vehicle


Disadvantages of using radial tyres

  • The soft sidewalls are prone to damages easily in comparison to cross-ply tyres
  • They offer less loading capacity.
  • Offers less shock absorption as the outer wall consists of a steel belt.


What are cross-ply tires?

In cross-ply tires multiple rubber plies are laid across each other in alternate directions. Stacking of piles diagonally on each other forms the structure layer of these tyres.


Advantages of using cross ply tires

  • Offers higher resistance against damages related to sidewalls
  • They are very cheap to produce and cheap to buy
  • Offer stable on-road driving experience as they have higher shock resistance
  • These tyres can take up heavy loads against their counterparts who do not offer such tensile strength.


Disadvantages of using cross ply tires

  • They get heated up very quickly as they offer high rolling resistance
  • Cross-ply tires offer less riding comfort as compared to radial tyres.
  • Offer low fuel efficiency, leads to higher fuel consumption for the vehicle.


Which one to buy and from where?

Customers can choose the best tyre based on their usage, suitability, budget, and preference. Choosing the right tyre type for a vehicle is necessary to ensure higher working efficiency of their vehicle. The choice of tyre is also depended on usage. For example, tractors use cross-ply tires instead of a radial tyre as they need higher load capacity form the tire.

However, bike owners prefer radial tires. Customers can buy these tyres from brand outlets and local repair stations. Customers also have the option to buy bike tires online from a trusted seller.