7 Ways To Make Money On Your Blog


Many people dream of making money on their blog. And it is possible! Today there are a number of options for those who want to make a hack online. Decide which suits you the best.

1. Blogging portals

Some blog portals have built-in systems for users to earn money blogging with them. With some, you get paid when someone clicks on the ads that the blog portal automatically posts to your blog. With others, you can get paid for each page view. However, it’s about very little money as long as you do not run a very big blog. And then you have other ways to make money that probably gives you more revenue.



+ Easy way to start earning money



– You only get a small portion of the cut


2. Advertising networks

Ad networks are a type of fully automated service that has become very popular with both small and large bloggers. Google’s AdSense service is absolutely the best and is also the one that most people choose to use.

An ad network works to choose an ad size and whether it’s text or banner ad. You will then receive a code that you submit to your site where you want your ad to appear.

Google then reads your page to understand what it’s about and then fill the ad space with relevant ads. For example, if you write about literature, the most likely ads for books will soon appear on your blog.

Once you have entered the code, it takes care of itself and you always have current and relevant ads on your site.

How much you earn depends on what kind of website you have, how well the ads are integrated with the content and how interesting your ads are for your visitors. A benchmark may be a few hundredfolds per 10,000 ad impressions.



+ Pretty low demands on your site

+ Simple and smooth

+ Paid per click



– Sometimes ugly banner ads

– Not paid for ad serving

– You can not choose advertisers yourself

– Hardly earn any money


3. Affiliation Network

Affiliate networks are a type of semi-automated ad service that is very popular, primarily on some smaller or highly targeted blogs and websites.

In an affiliate network, you choose which ads will appear on your page. You then paste a code snippet into your site where the current ad will appear. For example, if you have a blog about travel, you can include advertising from tour operators. You will then be paid if any of your readers click on the banner and then order a trip.

The layout is simple but if you have a publicly-held blog, it can be difficult to make money on affiliate networks. You can have hundreds of readers who see the banner, some individuals who click on it, but nobody actually orders a trip. Then you have given the travel agent lots of advertising without earning a penny yourself.

Those who really make money on affiliate networks often make their content merged with the advertising links to make the visitors click on them as much as possible.

In many cases, affiliate networks exaggerate your ability to earn money, and many find that they spend a lot of work without earning more than a few cores.

There are a large number of affiliate networks that offer different advertisers and features. See the box next to the page.



+ Approve most websites

+ Stylish ads

+ Many companies to choose from

+ With “correct” layout, it is possible to earn

a lot of money



– Does not fit everyone

– Much work

– Not paid for ad serving

– Requires a lot of work to keep the ads up to date and current


4. Sold Ad Space

There is a reason why large sites do not rely on ad and affiliate networks, but instead have their own ad sellers: you get the full revenue and you get paid for the entire value given to the advertisers.

In both the advertising and affiliate networks, it is often the intermediary who earns the big money while paying for them and/or buying something – not for the advertising itself, which is of great value to you.

Selling ads may seem difficult and time-consuming, but in fact, it does not take more time than working actively with an affiliate network.

But if you can not or do not want to sell ads yourself, there are players who can, to some extent, fill your site with paid ads. However, this requires a blog with many visitors and attractive content.

How much you earn from selling ads by yourself depends on what type of website you have and what ad placements you offer. Some kind of benchmark may be $ 500 per 10,000 ad impressions.



+ You will be paid for the entire value

+ You choose your own advertisers

+ You get a larger cut of the cake



– Requires many visitors

– Requires a lot of work


5. Become Acquired

If you are lucky to create a very large and well-visited blog, you can get offers to start blogging for different newspapers and blog posts for payment. However, this is a lot of work.


6. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are a controversial way to earn money on your blog. This means that a company pays you to post a post about their products or services.

This may seem attractive, but you should carefully think about the consequences of it. Writing sponsored posts not only threatens your credibility – it can be directly unethical. If you choose to write sponsored posts, you should be clear with this in front of your readers and mark which posts are sponsored and who are not.

A milder variant is that you let companies sponsor contests on your blog.


7. Open a Webshop

If you have a niche blog with many visitors, consider starting your own webshop and selling gadgets that you think might interest your readers. If you are looking for fashion you can sell clothes, you write about interior design, you can sell beautiful gadgets.

There are a wide range of complete shop solutions that you can use and they are available in free and pay-per-view options. Starting a webshop requires a lot of work both in terms of time and money. It is also required that you have a registered company.

Another option is to link their daily blog with an existing webshop. This means that your blog becomes a shopping window and you get commissioned on the customers led through your site. You do not have all administration, but do not earn as much as if you had run the webshop yourself. The layout resembles quite a lot about an affiliate network, but you bind yourself harder to an individual player.

This is a phenomenon that is likely to grow bigger in the future. Today, only a few e-commerce companies offer bloggers the opportunity to integrate their websites with their webshops.



– A own webshop can provide a good income

– Easy for your visitors to give you an income



– May seem unserious if it is done incorrectly

– Still quite new

– Own webshop requires a lot of work