5 Marketing Trends You Need to Follow

Navrajvir Singh
Navrajvir Singh

You are not Coca-Cola but want to adopt the right marketing levers to federate your audiences? Here are 5 trends from the United States to integrate into your strategy for effective results.

1. Immediate Feedbacks

You have been told this and repeated in recent years; an effective marketing strategy is to create a strong and genuine connection with your audience. And to interact with it.

In the United States, social networks have long been used as an extension of the experience. Twitter is very often completely integrated with the way of life and consumption of the customers, looking for a link even when it is not located at the place of the experiment.

Small businesses quickly adopted and understood the leverage that Twitter could provide by bringing visibility before, during and after the service or good consumed. So the stores do not put more stickers “Follow us on Twitter” on their front but directly the hashtag (keyword to appear more easily in a search) referring to their name.

This digital link in the real world allows companies to follow what is being said about them on the web, to promote their brands through content produced directly by customers and to prolong interactions.


2. Declare Your Love

And yes, love is trendy! For the promotion of his loyalty card, Starbucks plays on a touch of humor, poetry, and great feelings. Talking to consumers in a humane way also makes the brand more humane.

Do not be afraid to tell your consumers and your audiences that they matter to you. This will strengthen your relationship and will not present you other than through a simple service provider.


3. Play On the Proximity

In the same vein as Starbucks, some companies create a link by simply changing small details that form complicity: for example, the address of the after-sales service of Medium, an editorial content platform on the Internet.

It’s simple, but you had to think about it. Much less formal than the usual contact @ or info @. A good marketing strategy is in the details.


4. Create an Effective Co-Branding

Another successful example of Starbucks that is partnering with Apple to offer a weekly free piece to download. Starbucks benefits from both the cool image of Apple but also presents itself on the digital field, in phase with its audience.

Without being a giant, it is easy today to know your target and know what she likes. Get closer to your interests and build bridges between their universe and yours by adopting their codes and their consumption patterns. Find a company that shares your values and your target and imagine new experiences to increase your reach to your audience.


5. Offer More to Enhance the Experience

A very effective and inexpensive strategy is to offer the consumer an additional, unsolicited element that will reinforce their connection with the brand and their sense of belonging. Dabbing the client’s arm during a special event or offering a VIP bracelet are all mechanics with virtually zero cost that “mark” the consumer physically and psychologically, in a positive and lasting way.

The same type of mechanics can be proposed on the digital. For example, offering a playlist to your customers allows you to enter their world and create a link at a lower cost.


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